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Legislative Interview Reports from April 27, 2015

National Voter Registration Day 2015

In 2008, 6 million Americans didn't vote because they missed a registration deadline or didn't know how to register. The League of Women Voters of Wilmette has joined other Leagues and organizations across the county to support...

National Voter Registration Day September 22nd, 2015

Help us encourage all informed US citizens to register to vote or to update their current registration. Tell a friend or new neighbor about three convenient ways they can do it:

Online voter registration at the IL State Board of Election website

Mail in registration forms can be printed from the following website:

In person go to any Cook County Clerk's office or stop by the Wilmette Clerk's office at Village Hall.

Report - Legislative Interviews on April 27, 2015

LWV of Glenview, Glencoe, Evanston, Winnetka/Northfield/Kenilworth and Wilmette co-sponsored this legislative interview with State Rep Laura Fine (represented in this document), plus State Rep Robyn Gabel and State Senator Daniel Biss.

April 7, 2015 Municipal Election

April, 2015 Municipal Election - 2015 VOTERS GUIDE - CLICK HERE

For the April 7, 2015 municipal election, voters will be asked to decide between candidates running for six governing bodies affecting Wilmette residents: Three Trustee positions for the Wilmette Village Board, four Commissioner positions for the Wilmette Park District, four Trustee positions for the Wilmette Public Library, three Board of Education positions for the Wilmette District #39, three Board of Education positions for the AVOCA District #37 and three Board of Education positions for New Trier High School District #203.

Key Dates For Consolidated Election (Municipal)

Key Dates For Consolidated Election (Municipal Races)

  • 4/2/2015----Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters
  • 4/4/2015----Last day of early voting
  • 4/4/2015----Last day of grace period registration and voting
  • 4/7/2015----Election Day

Early Voting Centennial Park ended April 4th.

Click here for Roster for April 7, 2015 Municipal Election

In the League's ongoing effort to educate voters about candidates' qualifications for the positions they seek and views on current municipal issues, we prepared a written Voter's Guide and held Candidate Forums.


2015 Voters Guide

  • Presents candidates' written viewpoints on current Wilmette issues.
  • The Voters Guide consists of candidate's responses to five questions specifically drawn up by the league.
  • The LWV Wilmette will submit these questions to all candidates who are running for office in the six branches of local government.
  • The candidates will be asked to prepare written responses, whether or not the candidate is in a contested or uncontested race.
  • Since some uncontested candidates might move onto a board position, their responses give the public an introduction to the new board member's views on current issues.
  • By including all candidates, voters are given an opportunity to learn the viewpoints of the unopposed incumbents who will remain on village-wide boards.

  • Municipal Election, April 7
  • Early Voting ended April 4

All candidates in contested and uncontested races are asked to answer the same five questions based on current issues, with a total maximum limit of 1,000 words.

Printed copies of the Voter's Guide are distributed locally and made available to the public at various key locations throughout Wilmette (public library, train station, coffee shops).

Candidate Forums:

LWV-Wilmette held two forums on the same day. Approximately 50 people were in attendance at each forum; the videos ran multiple times on our local access TV channel; and links were posted on the Village of Wilmette and LWV-Wilmette websites. There were no problems with either forum. The first forum was for the Wilmette Public School District #39, Board of Education. The second was for the Wilmette Park District, Board of Commissioners.

The forums are videotaped and shown several times on the Wilmette local access TV channel. The videotaped forums are also posted on the Village of Wilmette website.

Click here for Candidate Roster

Click here for Candidate Forum Program

Click here for League of Women Voters Consensus Study on Park District Referenda Presentation Slides

Click here for Referenda Questions on Ballot.

Click here to see the Candidates: April 07, 2015 Consolidated General Election

Strengthen Local Democracy: Serve as an Election Judge on April 7th

The Clerk's office needs registered voters to serve as election judges in suburban Cook County during the April 7, 2015 Consolidated Election. Election judges are an essential part of the democratic process who make sure fellow voters can cast their ballots. Election Judges assist voters and work with their fellow judges to ensure the polling place is running smoothly.

Below is a brief rundown of the position and its requirements.

What are the general requirements?

  • Be a U.S. citizen and a registered Cook County voter.

How much does it pay?
  • Election judges are paid $175 to complete hands-on and online training and serve on Election Day. Election judges are paid an extra $25 for completing an additional epollbook training class. What are the training requirements?
  • Election judges are required to take a hands-on training class that lasts roughly 3.5 hours. They must pass an open-book training at the end of the class. Election judges are also required to take an online training that they can complete on their own schedule; it takes about 1.5 hours to complete. Judges are also encouraged to take a 2-hour in-person epollbook training.

When and where are the trainings?
  • Trainings will take place in March. Trainings are held throughout suburban Cook County and offered in the afternoon, evening and on weekends. How do I select my training?
  • After applying, judges will receive login instructions for our online portal where all the available trainings will be posted. Judges choose the dates and times they want to attend training.

What are the Election Day requirements?
  • On Election Day, polling places are open from 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. However judges work together from 5 a.m. until the polls have closed and the polling place has been broken down, the election results have been transmitted to the Clerk's office, and all the election materials have been properly packed away. Many judges complete the process by 8 p.m. but there are polling places that do take longer to pack up. Please note: Judges are also required to set up their polling place before Election Day with their fellow judges at an agreed-upon time. This is usually done on the Monday night before the election. Set up usually takes about 90 minutes.

Where will I be assigned?
  • We try to place judges as close to home as possible but we are often unable to place people in their home precincts. In the rare event that a judge is needed to work outside of their home township, they will be asked in advance whether this is possible. Do I have to select a party?
  • While Illinoisans do not register by party, state law requires election judges to designate Republican or Democrat to ensure a bipartisan balance. On Election Day, judges work together as a team regardless of party.

How do I apply?
  • Apply online at or call
    312.603.0965 with further questions.


Your Vote Counts!

Illinois Election Reform Bill Passed

SB172 passed the Illinois Senate on December 3, 2014 and now awaits the governor's signature to become law. If the law is well implemented, Illinois would become the national leader on voter registration modernization.

Here are some highlights of the bill:

  • Election Day Registration The pilot trial of Election Day registrations during the mid-term election allowed some 9,000 people throughout Illinois to register and vote. SB172 makes this program permanent bringing same-day registration to all precincts, not just select sites.

  • ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center SB172 allows Illinois to join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), a multistate database that will help clean voter rolls, while improving management and accuracy of these lists. ERIC compares voter registration and driver's license data across state lines, while also requiring outreach to eligible but unregistered citizens.

  • NCOA (National Change of Address) SB172 grants Illinois the authority to use National Change of Address data (NCOA) to prompt voter registration changes between election jurisdictions in Illinois. SB 172 allows automatic transfer of registration for a voter who, for instance, moves from Chicago to suburban Cook County, or from suburban Cook County to Lake County.

  • Agency Registration SB172 will allow Illinois to build on National Voter Registration Act requirements by requiring more state agencies to convert government transactions into voter registrations. This shifts the administrative burden away from voters to the appropriate public agencies.

  • Early Voting/Mail Voting The bill also includes provisions for: extending Early Voting to the Monday before the election at limited locations; and changing the postmark deadline for mail ballots to Election Day rather than the day before.

November 4, 2014 Election Day

Voter Information About November 4 Election From LWVIL CLICK HERE

2014 Voters Guide from LWVIL CLICK HERE

Information about Candidates and Questions on the Nov. 4 Ballot - LWVIL Election Brochure CLICK HERE

Statewide office election information is available via the national interactive site, - Click on Graphic to access.

Fall Elections 2014: Key Dates

LWV Speakers Bureau

  • 10/20/2014 First day of Early Voting
  • 10/30/2014 Last day to request a mail ballot, including military and overseas voters
  • 11/1/2014 Last day of Early Voting
  • 11/1/2014 Last day of grace period registration and voting
  • 11/2/2014 In-person absentee voting at the Clerk's downtown Chicago office
  • 11/3/2014 Last day voted mail ballots can be postmarked for acceptance by the Clerk's office

In-person absentee voting at the Clerk's downtown Chicago office and five suburban courthouse mini-centers
  • 11/4/2014 Election Day

Constitutional Amendments & Advisory Referenda Ballot Questions

For the November 4, 2014 Election

There are several constitutional amendments and advisory referenda which will be on the November 4, 2014 ballot in Illinois. The LWVIL Issues Committee has prepared several documents to provide background information on these and other election items. Click here for the LWVIL website.

Voter Services Events Coming Up

Please see Calendar Page for more details.

High School Voter Registration Event a Success

Update on Redistricting Petition 2014

July 2014

The Yes for Independent Maps campaign has decided not to pursue getting its amendment on the November ballot. This decision was made, in part, because of a court decision. Click here to read more on the LWVIL website.

Legislative Interviews April 22, 2014

An Observer Corps Report From the Event

North Shore Leagues Host Lively Exchange with Legislators

Click here to read Report

To see the full set of questions and responses, see below:

Representative Fine. Senator Biss. Representive Gabel.

Team Effort Results In Record-breaking High School Voter Registration

LWV Wilmette recognized as a "Democracy Champion" by David Orr, Cook County Clerk

May, 2014

This was an active year for voter registrations. The new law allowing 17-year old to vote in a primary election if they would be 18 by a presidential or mid-term election meant we had almost double the number of eligible students to register at our local high schools. David Orr's office honored our League for the record-breaking number of students we helped to registered before the primary (409). This year we tapped into some social media venues to encourage students to register and were more successful in reaching out to students through school adviseries and clubs.

We will continue to assist new voters, but now using iPads as well as paper applications. The online system will be restricted to new voters or those who wish to update their voter information who have an authentic Illinois driver's license or Illinois-issued identification card. This requirement for state ID is in place because electronic signatures will be copied from the Secretary of State database. For all others, the traditional options for registration remain (eg, Village Hall, Secretary of State offices, County Clerk's offices, and voter registration drives like ours).

Along with five other North Shore league members, three candidates from our League were trained as moderators in January. This new group of trained moderators will greatly help to relieve the shortage of trained moderators League-wide as we face a busy year for forums (November 2014, March 2015). The League is well served by our nine trained deputy registrars.

Deputy Registrar Training Class

Saturday, Sept 6, 10 am to 11 am, Skokie Library Book Discussion Room.

Need to have names to submit to David Orr's Office week of August 25, 2014!!!!! Please contact Trudy Gibbs for information.

David Orr has recognized LWV Wilmette for our outstanding efforts in registering students at Loyola Academy and New Trier High School. In his letter of congratulations, he said "Your League has set a high standard that pushed other schools and organization to go the extra mile. It also gave our office a sense of momentum as we pushed schools and groups to be ambitious about engaging their students." He goes on to say, "You are true Champions of Democracy and we are lucky to have you as partners.",

104 at Loyola Academy and 309 at New Trier High School

Click here to read the article in the Trib Local.

US Supreme Court Rules Against Campaign Contribution Limits

Voters Guide for Cook County and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Primary Election

This year, the Cook County League has published a Voters Guide for Cook County and Metropolitan Water Reclamation District.

Click here for The Cook County League of Women Voters website.


Note: for County Commissioner, we are in district #13. For Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, we vote for 3 commissioners out of a list of many -- in other words, we are not restricted to a specific district.

The full ballot for Suburban Cook County's March 18th primary election has also been posted on the Cook County Clerk's office website, click here.

April 9, 2013 - VOTERS GUIDE



Streaming Video of the Candidate Forum Sunday, March 17, click here and select SPECIAL PROGRAMS

Village Votes for Trustees, Commissioners, and Board Members April 9

The League held a Candidate Forum at the Village Hall on Sunday, March 17th. Ccandidates answered questions about how they would deal with pressing issues before the Village Board, Park Board, District #39 School Board and the Wilmette Public Library Board of Trustees.

Rebroadcasts of the event will be on Wilmette Local Access Channel as follows:

  • Thursday, 3/21

7pm LWV Forum - Village Trustee and President

8:30pm LWV Forum - Park Board

  • Monday, March 25th

6 pm LWV Forum - School District #39

7 pm LWV Forum - Library Board

  • Wednesday, March 27th

5pm LWV Forum - Village Trustee and President

6 pm LWV Forum - Park Board

7 pmLWV Forum - School District #39

8 pm LWV Forum - Library Board

  • Friday, March 29th - Sunday, March 31st

7:30pm LWV Forum - School District #39

8:30pm LWV Forum - Park Board

9:30pm LWV Forum - Village Trustee and President

10:30pm LWV Forum - Library Board

League of Women Voters of Wilmette's Voter's Guide contains written answers to questions posed to all the candidates, even those in uncontested races. It will be distributed at public buildings throughout Wilmette and is available online at the League of Woman Voters website.

1 to 2 Village Board Presidential Candidates

2 to 3 Candidates for Park District Board of Commissioners

3 to 4 Candidates for Wilmette District #39 Board of Education

4 to 5 Candidates for the Wilmette Public Library Board of Trustees

Your Polling Place May Have Changed

Your polling place may have changed!! Check the website:

Cook county Clerk Polling Place

Once on the website, go to Elections. Then put in the required information, which includes your name and address. Click GO and you will then see your polling place.

Consolidation of Precincts

To save Cook County money on election costs, a number of polling places are being consolidated. Of the current 65 precincts in New Trier Township, 19 will be eliminated. As yet, not all of the consolidation decisions have been finalized. However, by the end of February, voters affected by the change in the location of their polling place will receive a notice by mail. Look for those postcards yourself and spread the word about the closings to neighbors and friends. Due to the late date for decisions on closings, it is best to use the Cook County website at to confirm a polling place rather than the National League Polling Place Finder at is a telephone number for the County Clerk: (312) 603-5656

Boundaries for State and Congressional Districts

VOTER INFORMATION Find the facts about voting in your state at Before an election, find your polling place.

Find information about the next election at .....

Cook County Clerk:

Local Referendum -Wilmette Power Purchasing Program Passed - WP3

Wilmette Power Purchasing Program

Wilmette League Endorses Cost Savings Plus 50% Renewable Energy Option

Wilmette voters by a large margin passed the referendum on authorizing the Village managers to form an aggregation of customers to collectively obtain our supply of electricity. The objective is to achieve rates that are lower than currently offered through ComEd.

At the April 27, 2012 Board meeting, we discussed how the Village of Wilmette in conjunction with the Village of Kenilworth is moving ahead very quickly with the selection of an alternative electric supplier for the newly form aggregate of residential and small commercial customers. The Wilmette Village management has been clear in public statements and in their presentation to our Board that the objective of the program is only to save money. With a "cost only" criteria for the selection of a supplier, Wilmette and Kenilworth will buy a standard package of electrical power from plants that produce power as the result of burning fossil fuels along with the required minimum of 7% renewable energy sources. At the first (and only) meeting of the Administration Committee of the Village Board on the topic, three options for suppliers were presented:

  • 1)standard package plus 7% renewable;
  • 2)100% renewables; and
  • 3)a complex hybrid of a standard package plus an option for residents to buy renewable energy certificates (RECs). The Committee was easily convinced the last option was too complex, but added a fourth option of standard package plus 50% renewable energy sources.

The endorsement statement that was presented and approved at the April LWV Board meeting is intended as a signal to the two Village boards that we support the new option. Click here to view Endorsement Position.

Additional information about the program is available on the Village website.

One reason for paying attention to sources selected is that more is at stake than simply cost. Wilmette does not generate any power within our community so that the burden of pollution produced falls in the backyards of other communities. As our managers and elected officials set policy, it is in the people of Wilmette's best interest to be mindful of the total costs of power production and not simply cost savings to our community. More is at stake than just air pollution; there is an enormous amount of water that is fouled in the process of harvesting, transporting, and burning fossil fuels. By selecting providers that will supply a higher percentage of green power, we would be accelerating the important transition from brown to green energy. At the very least, our requests for proposals should ask perspective providers to ask for what is called "power labeling" to disclose energy sources that would be provided. We need to keep in mind that the lowest costs to us come from aging coal and nuclear plants, but these plants are also associated with the highest healthcare burdens on society and they are already receiving large government subsidies.